Japan Warrior Arts in Outline - Keibunsha Japan Tattoo Institute

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Large format for a selection of works only by the line of several great artists: Kuniyoshi, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Kunisada, etc.

It comes with reference in color of the index of the works. Discontinued book and very difficult to find. A great jewel and reference for lovers of Japanese motifs for tattoo. Edited by Keibunsha Japan Tattoo Institute.


Printed in Japan.

Year 2005.

130 pages.

First Edition.

Edited by Keibunsha Japan Tattoo Institute.

SoftCover in Slipcase. 

Used: Good Condition. / Details: There is some wear on the slipbox, some small wounds as well as some burn on the back of the book. The inside of the book is in perfect condition, but we can find a small tear on the last page where there was apparently a sticker. Please check the photos for your reference.