CARICATURES OF THE EDO PERIOD: from Toba-style Paintings to Hokusai, Kuniyoshi, and Kyōsai.

Bunshin - Tattoo Art by Horihito (Keibunsha)


This book is a collection of photographs and illustrations, outline work of Horihito I. Horihito I is the legendary tattoo artist. He is a founder of the Horihito tattoo family in Kanagawa. Full colored images are stunning. Also, colored illustrations catch your eyes. All texts are Japanese but the most contents of this book are self-explanatory photos and illustrations.


Printed in Japan.

Year 2004.

160 pag.

Color and B/W.


Used Book: Very Good Condition.

Details: There is some minor wear to the outside of the book. But in general it is very good condition. 


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