In this section, we will try to solve some of your questions that you might have.

If you cannot find the answers to your query here at our FAQs, or if you wish to make a more specific consultation, do not hesitate to contact us from our Contact Page or sending an email to info@mitsumebooks.com with the subject line “Consulting”.




We offer the possibility of payment in installments, please contact us for details.



All our products are shipped from Tokyo, Japan.

The orders can be prepared as soon as possible, usually within 1-3 business days.

As local post offices are closed at weekends and national holidays in Japan, the orders made after 12:00 PM (Japanese Time) of Friday of day before a national holiday, will be sent on next Monday.



In our catalogue, you can find both new and secondhand products.

Regarding secondhand products:

  1. We always try to find articles in the best condition possible, however in some cases it is just difficult.
  2. In some occasions you may find a same article with different prices, or any price changes from then and now, it can be due to a range of factors, such as for their condition/quality, or for the difficulties of finding the article in the market.  Especially the secondhand market is in constant movement.   



For orders heavier than 2kg, we suggest you choose “2-4 days. Priority Shipping “, which is EMS provided by Japan Post. Although it is more expensive than other options, it is a faster, securer, and above all, to avoid getting TAX charge, inspections, delay or lost shipment.  Mitsume Books offer this service 25% cheaper than its original price.

For orders superior between 999,99€ to 1499,99€, we offer a special shipping price of 9,99€ (Asia) / 19,99€ (North and Central America, Europe, Oceania & Middle East) / 34,99€ (South America & Africa).

For orders heavier than 10kg, please contact us at info@mitsumebooks.com.



If you are interested in any articles which is out of stock at our shop, do not hesitate to contact us, we will let you know whenever we have it available.

On the other hand, if you are looking for any articles which we don’t have in our catalogue, please feel free to send us a message or email so we will try to find it for you.



Even though we are doing our best to reply to your queries via our web or our Instagram as quickly as possible, sometimes it takes us a time because of the time difference between Japan and your country.  We appreciate for your patience and understanding.



We do not send the invoice with the order. If you need the invoice of your order, via mail or via postal address, please contact us.