About Us

Mitsume Books is a store committed to the dissemination of Japanese culture. Based in Tokyo, Japan, we deliver our products to the entire planet earth, with a very low shipping cost. We combine the quality, the best selection and the elegance of the Japanese lifestyle.



We offer articles of Japanese culture, timeless and performance driven to which you will return again and again. We differentiate ourselves through the selection and quality of the product, and solve problems for the modern tattooist or collector. For us, the shape and function of each piece has to support our multitasking lifestyle. From the workplace, to home.

Our constant collection of avant-garde formulations from old and new Japan that address real and modern concerns, such as the irezumi designs of great artists, the engravings of the ukiyo-e masters, the greatest nora, haoris ... with the aim to change and enrich the conversation of culture and beauty.