World of Japanese Tattooing by Iizawa Tadasu

All About Dragon Painting / Seiryu Kitabatake


In legend, it is said that all living things were born from dragons, and dragons reign as "lords of all things" and have been worshiped as human ancestors. In addition to protecting Buddhism, the dragon always protects us. Dragon paintings depicting dragons are said to promote family prosperity, bring good fortune, ward off disasters, and bring joy. The author has created a series of works, with the challenge of how to express the appearance of the dragon, which has a supernatural, majestic, miraculous character and full of vitality. Various forms of dragons come to mind, and they overflow inexhaustibly. And the brush makes it move on the paper.

Author: Seiryu Kitabatake

Cover: Hardcover in Slipcase

Year of publication: 1999

Size: 31 cm / 12.2 in
Pages: 87

Used Book in Very Good Condition.

Details: Some aging on the outer cardboard box. Very good overall condition, please look at the photos on our website for your reference.

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