Sakichi Bandō Mitsugorō Jinkichi San Sawamura Totsushō Genta Ichimura Kakitsu Chōkichi Ichikawa Kuzō (Kunisada, 1863)

- In Commemoration of the Centenary of His Death - KANŌ HŌGAI, The Pioneer of Modern Japanese-style Painting.


Catalog of the Special Exhibition of 1989 in Kyoto National Museum, commemorating the centenary of the death of the great artist Kanō Hōgai.

Book very difficult to find. Full color. Introduction and titles of works in English and Japanese.


Printed in Japan.

Year 1989.

269 pag.



Used in Very Good Condition. / Details: Some wear on the cover and spine of the book for age, please understand, but in general it is in very good condition.


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