Okina/ Kokushiki-jo with inscriptions Kaō
OKINA (old man) / Noh Mask by Enkei (with a paulownia box)

Mask of OKINA by Masahiko Matsumoto. /(with quilted textile bag and a paulownia box)

Type: Noh Mask

Oldman's mask (Okina) made (carved) by the artist Masahiko Matsumoto.

With quilted textile bag.

As it is an old article there may be some wear, but in general it is in very good condition. Please take the pictures as your reference.

The size of this mask is a 20 x 15cm / 7.8 x 5.9 inches

Carved in wood.

Year of production between 1960's - 1970's.

It comes inside a paulownia box.

(The color may vary slightly in the photos, please understand.)