Blood Supper : Art of Yoshitoshi


Spectacular and rare edition of all the blood-works of Yoshitoshi. The reproductions of the works have the original size. Full-scale version (1: 1).

Titles and explanations in Japanese and English.

Limited edition of 1200 units.


Separate volume (Yukio Mishima: Initially at the head / Kiyori Togi: Yamato Shimbun and Yoshitoshi / Tanemura Kihiro: Logic of decadence, etc. 85 pages (Japanese only)


Printed in Japan

Year 1971

Limited edition of 1200 units.

Hard cover in sheath.

Edition of Banmachi Shobō

Number of books: 2

Size: 45 cm x 35.5 cm / 17.7 in x 13.9 in

Weight: 9kg

Book in very good condition.

Details: There are some minimal spots in the slip box, the rest is in perfect condition.

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