Cats in Ukiyo-e


Cats All Over – Life in Edo with Cats

Among the various animals that appear in ukiyo-e, cats were the most popular subject. They were not only depicted as pets but also as monsters or personified, dancing and attending schools. Chronicles of a life of a female cat and amulets as mice repellent were produced as well. This exhibition will present various works of cats, including masterpieces by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Utagawa Hiroshige and Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, as well as “Omocha-e” (toy paintings) for children. Please enjoy the charming cats in ukiyo-e; thay are adorable, humorous, and sometimes mysterious.

Book + Original brochure of the exhibition.

Tittle: Cats in Ukiyo-e

Author: Various Artist: Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi, Hiroshige…

Cover: Softcover in in traditional Japanese bookbinding style

Year of publication: 2023

Size: 25 cm / 9.8 in

Pages: 191


(The color may vary slightly in the photos and/or video, please understand).