Hiroshige & Toyokuni III - Toto komei kaiseki zukushi

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“Hiroshige & Toyokuni III - Toto komei kaiseki zukushi". 
It is an edition with 50 works in real size of the engravings of Hiroshige and Toyokuni III about the Collection of famous restaurants of the eastern capital).
The titles of the works and places are in English as well as Japanese.

They are magnificent scale prints 1: 1, which come in separate sheets (it is not a conventional book, it is a volume that collects these works that come separated, and stores them fully protected and in an elegant way).

Title: Hiroshige & Toyokuni III - Toto komei kaiseki zukushi.
Titles of the works in Japanese and English.
Publishing: Kyobunsha 共 文 社
Year: 1979
Size: 48.5 × 35 cm / 19 x 13.7 in.
Pages: 50 works
Cover: Hardcover in Slipcase and Carton Box.

Commentary · Status:
It is in very good condition although we can find some small wounds in the outer cardboard box.