The "Thirty-six Views of Tomitake" series, including "Kanagawa oki nami ura," and "Hokusai Manga," which triggered the Japonisme epidemic in Europe in the 19th century, are known worldwide as Hokusai's masterpieces. It's just one part of the 70-year-old painting industry. In this book, I will introduce Hokusai's life as a painter in six periods according to the transition of his style and the paintings he mainly used. 364 pages that include domestic and foreign masterpieces, works discovered in recent years, and works released for the first time are recorded. This is a compilation of recent research results that will allow you to discover the charm of the new Hokusai.


Publication Date: 2019

Size: 29,7 cm / 11.7 in

Pages: 364

Binding: Softcover

Book Condition: Very Good Condition

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