Japan’s Tattoo Arts Horimitsu’s World by Keibunsha


Japan’s Tattoo Arts Horimitsu’s World by Keibunsha is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This book is a collection of photos (some are black & white) and illustrations (black & white), outline work of Master Yokohama Horimitsu I. The book consists of sections. The first section is for colored photos of men's tattoo work.The second section is for women's tattoo work. The third section introduces his B&W illustrations of 108 Suikoden Heros. Also B&W photos of memorial photos reveal Japanese traditional festival where men with tattoo carry a heavy mobile shrine to show their power and dignity. The book has the introduction of Japanese Tattoo history in English.


Printed in Japan.

206 pages.

Softcover in Slipcase. 

Used Book: Very Good Condition

Details: There is some slight damage to the outer SlipBox that covers the book, as well as a little light burned on the spine of the SlipBox, please understand. The book and the interior are in perfect condition. Please look the pictures for your reference.

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