Kiyonaga’s Unexhibited Masterpieces (Wooden version) / Re-impresion


Kiyonaga’s Unexhibited Masterpieces (Wooden version) / Re-impresion is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

It is a reprinted version that Uozumi Shoten reprinted in 1963. It is in a paulownia box and is barely hit, so the condition is good. Especially, the first 5 pages (pages) of this print are handmade woodblock prints (including inserts) are excellent Shunga paints suitable for the most precious versions.

Paulownia dedicated box and cardboard box. It is suitable for preserving valuable historical materials and a collection house. [Version B5 (version B4 partially folded) 2.5 cm thick, 5 hand-printed Woodblock prints, 26 multi-Colored Printing plates, Collotype and Photogravure, 119 pages + 17 pages with explanations of the works in English. Fabric cover with hard cover.]


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(The color may vary slightly in the photos and/or video, please understand).