Strangers in Paradise: the Foreign Image in Japanese Art and Shunga


Foreigners from all over the world, including the Nanban people, the Red-haired people, and the Chinese people, have come into the history of Japan. At last, Kume hermit, kappa, tengu, monkey, etc. from another world, and even the imaginary inhabitants reveal their mysterious and glamorous appearance, the unprecedented and shockingly glossy, foreign mandala is finally completed! A revolutionary visual introduction to Edo studies that gives us a glimpse of the conscious structure of Edo people and the international nature of Edo culture through the 100 forms of foreigners drawn with free imagination. A total of 300 illustrations, including rare materials buried at home and abroad, many new discoveries made by the author himself, and illustrations published for the first time in the world! He lived in Japan for more than 40 years, and is a fan of the country where Hokusai was born, among his fellow researchers. Here we have 100 Scenes of Foreigners of Edo, a gorgeous book of spring in full bloom, written freely and freely by the author who is known as "the last Edo man." Written with great enthusiasm by the author, who understands and cherishes the Japanese aesthetic sense and traditional lifestyle culture more deeply than any other Japanese, who are rapidly disappearing amid the trends of modernization and Westernization. Edo culture theory of comfort.

Title: Strangers in Paradise: the Foreign Image in Japanese Art and Shunga

Language: English & Japanese 

Cover: Softcover

Pages: 151

Year of publication: 1983

Size: 29,5 cm / 11.6 in


Condition: Very Good 

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