The Art of Tiger: Screen Paintings in Samurai Palace


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A pictorial record featuring 45 paintings from Muromachi to the Edo period, focusing on the tiger, which is often depicted in Japanese and Chinese art. The themes are "Foreign Spirit Beasts, Heavenly Dragons, Earthly Tigers / Auspicious Tigers and Tigers", "Giant Tigers and Dragons", "Things Guarding the Entrance", "Various Funny / Lively Tigers", and "Consequences of Tiger Figures in Fusuma". A book full of references.

Cover: Softcover

Texts in Japanese.

Number of pages: 128

Year of publication: 2010

Size: 29,3 cm / 11.4 in

Used Book in Good Condition.

Details: There is some exterior damage to the bottom of the front cover and general exterior wear, slight sense of use but does not affect readability. It is generally in good condition. Please look at the photos in our website for your reference.

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