The Syllable Ho: Actor Nakamura Shikan IV as a Lion in Peonies at the Stone Bridge (Botan ni Shakkyô), from the series Alphabet Proverbs for Actors (Haiyû iroha tatoe) (Kunichika, 1867)


Technical data:

Artist: Kunichika Toyohara
Title: The Syllable Ho: actor Nakamura Shikan IV as a lion in peonies on the stone bridge (Botan ni Shakkyô)
Series: Proverbs of the alphabet for actors (Haiyû iroha tatoe) Date: 1867
Technique: wood engraving
Condition: Very good condition. / Details: there is a small one broken at the bottom, take the photos as a reference.
Size: large / 35.8 x 25.1 cm / 14.1 x 9.8 in

It is a beautiful and excellent product with good sliding ability and color.
Please take a look at this opportunity.
(The color of the photos and / or video may differ slightly from the actual colors).