Traditional Japanese Tattoo Designs by Horicho - Keibunsha Japan Tattoo Institute.


This collectible book is a collection of tattoo designs by master Asakusa Horicho. This B & W book has beautiful 200 designs that would inspire not only tattoo fans but also other professional tattoo artists as well. His art work covers a variety of subjects such as mythical heroes, Buddhist deities, animals and flowers. It can be used as a reference book or just keep as a collectible art book.


Printed in Japan.

Year 2000.

130 pages.

First Edition.

Edited by Keibunsha Japan Tattoo Institute.

SoftCover in Slipcase. 

Used: Very Good Condition.

Details: There is a slight yellowing on the outline of the cover due to age. There is a small mark on the slipbox.. The interior is beautiful and in perfect condition. Please look the pictures like your reference.


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