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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, who was envyed as the last Ukiyo-e artist, created the tragic beauty that was impervious to drama, with the back of his age's glory.

The roots of the painting are deep and diverse.

Ask about the aesthetics of syllabary by organizing history pictures, history pictures, monster pictures, cruel pictures, tattoos, warrior pictures, beauty pictures, and carpenter pictures.


Very special and highly sought-after book, a large variety of works by the great artist Yoshitoshi in full color, a great selection.

This book published in 1978 has become a very sought after piece.


Printed in Japan.

Year 1978

Hardcover in Slipcase. 

Edition by S. SEGI.

Book in Very Good Condition. / Details: The book belt has a wound, but the rest of the book including the SlipBox is in very good condition.

The book and its interior is in perfect condition.

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